Fantasy Football Player Rankings

David Vallejo and Ben Garza

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Football Season! Fantasy starts tonight with the Bills VS. Rams.  These are Ben Garza’s and David Vallejo’s top 5 predictions for each position at the start of the season. We each have years of experience in Fantasy so we know a thing or two about what to look for in player rankings. We will keep updating throughout the season. Here are our rankings for season openers:


  1. QB) Top 5
  1. Josh Allen- He was good for the past two seasons and there is no reason he should be bad this year.
  2. Justin Herbert- After a breakout season last year, he will have another great year with a great offense.
  3. Lamar Jackson- Jackson will have a very good year with rushing and touchdowns to produce a lot of points.
  4. Jalen Hurts- With A.J. Brown and Devonta Smith on his team, he is going to have a great season.
  5. Kyler Murray- He is doing better than Patrick Mahomes due to the fact that Mahomes lost Tyreek Hill; Kyler Murray gained Marquise Brown and is going to get D Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) in a couple of weeks.


  1. Jonathan Taylor- After a breakout season, he will do even better this season.
  2. Austin Ekeler- He will have a good year with his QB and is good with the pass rush.
  3. Derrick Henry-Although he had an injury last year and a worse O-Line he will do good this year because he is Derrick Henry.
  4. Najee Harris- He will get the ball a lot this year due to Ben Roethlisberger leaving and with Juju Smith-Schuster gone he will get a massive amount of both production and points this year.
  5. Alvin Kamara- Kamara is usually good and I see him getting in good work this year with the Saints’ new team.


  1. Cooper Kupp- With an all-star season last year, Cooper Kupp will not do as well as last year, but he will still be the best WR.
  2. Devante Adams- He is with his college QB so he will do good even if the QB is a small downgrade.
  3. Jamar Chase- With one of the best rookie seasons last year, Jamar Chase will do even better this year.
  4. Justin Jefferson- He is going to get even more targets this year because Adam Thielen is getting older and the team wants Justin Jefferson to get the ball more.
  5. Ceedee Lamb-He will be a top 5 receiver due to the fact that Amari Cooper is gone. This year is his year.


  1. Mark Andrews- With Lamar Jackson back and Marquise Brown gone, Mark Andrews will get a lot more play than last year and be even better than before.
  2. Travis Kelce- He is a close second because with Tyreek Hill gone he will be Patrick Mahomes’ number one target with great production
  3. Darren Waller- Coming off an injury, Darren Waller is still a great TE and will most likely be Derek Carr’s number two option.
  4. Dalton Schultz- Just like Darren Waller, he will be the second option for Dak Prescott since Amari Cooper is gone.
  5. Kyle Pitts- He would be higher if and only if he had a better team surrounding him because with the lack of talent on his team he is always targeted by the defense.


  1. Cowboys- Their defense is stacked this year with the return of Trevon Diggs and Micah Parsons.
  2. Saints- It’s the Saints; they are always good on defense.
  3. Bills- The Bills had one of the best defenses last year and they will have it again this year.
  4. Colts- They will have a good defensive team.
  5. Packers- They have a good defensive team this year because each year their defense produces numbers with tackles and sacks.


  1. Justin Tucker- He is the best kicker in the league, setting league records like in the previous season.
  2. Nick Folk- He had an outstanding season last year with the same team and he will do it again.
  3. Daniel Carlson- His team will reach the end zone more often, leaving him with more points.
  4. Brandon McManus- His production rate will increase since his team got better with Russel Wilson on it.
  5. Greg Joseph- Offense-heavy team will take him a long way.


There you have our predictions for the beginning of 2022 Fantasy Football. Come back for our updates and let us know your picks and rankings in the comments!