Fantasy Week One Recap

David Vallejo

Week One of Fantasy Football ended with multiple surprises. It also had a lot of upsets due to so many good players doing badly this week. Therefore I will be talking about all the surprises and upsets that happened this week in fantasy.

The surprise this week was Michael Thomas of the Saints came back receiving two touchdowns and five catches. This is impressive due to the fact that he was gone for almost two years and came back like nothing happened and he was good as new. This means that he is a must-start for the upcoming weeks. Then all of Washington’s receivers and running backs did really well scoring over ten points each throughout the game. The main surprise was Justin Jefferson scoring nearly forty points which I thought was amazing. I would have thought he would score twenty points but not twice that.

A couple of people had upset-games. The first upset was Austin Ekeler of the Chargers because he had 11 points while being RB2 last year so I had high hopes for him, but he failed to meet the expectation. Then the Titans’ Derrick Henry scored only eight points. While this is bad, he did it once last year and in the next game, he scored 40 points so this is not a big deal for Henry’s owners. Another bust was the Cowboys’ CeeDee Lamb because he was expected to do really well since Amari Cooper left, but he is still going to do badly due to Dak Prescot leaving the game. This means he was a bust. The worst of them all was Dak Prescott who only got four points which was one of the worst games he ever had and he is injured on top of that. This means he will have low production for this year.

Most of the other players did well like Cooper Kupp, Devonte Adams, and Jamar Chase did as I expected. Then as for RB, I knew that Jonathan Taylor, James Connor, and Deandre Swift would do well. QBs Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, and Jalen Hurts were outstanding this week.

Therefore this is my take of the week hopefully most of the players I have listed will do well or continue to do well. However, some of the people I listed, I do not have high hopes for them.