STUCO stages ’21 Prom: “Maskerade”


Esteban Serrano, Lead Editor

It’s that time of year. Retail stores are busy with students and parents alike looking for the perfect outfits for what is deemed to be one of the most important nights in a high schooler’s life…the prom. After the cancellation of last year’s prom due to COVID-19, the excitement this year couldn’t be higher.

Whether you’ve landed a date with a lucky girl yet, or you might just be going alone, there are some things you need to know about this year’s Central prom. This can possibly make up for the twisted year high school students have been having thus far.

In an unpublished Pep interview from March, Ali Goljamofrad, Dean of Students at Central, talks generally about some things to expect when attending the big dance. Goljahmofrad says without hesitation that, “It’s going to happen, April 24th.” “Masks will be required,” he continues. “No exceptions… We are full steam ahead and it will be an amazing event,” he says. He is asked to explain why it’s important to bring it back this year, and Goljahmofrad’s reasoning behind the logic may just be as important as the event itself. “This year versus last year, we have a lot more information and we have tried and tested protocols in place that make us a lot more comfortable with having an event like this.”

He adds, “It’s important to bring it back because one, we can… we can bring it back safely, and it’s our responsibility as leaders to provide the best educational experience in the safest way possible, and I believe that we can do that.”

In a January 7th letter sent out to the entire community by Goljahmofrad, it says, “In the anticipation of improving COVID conditions, we are optimistic and planning to have our Junior/Senior Prom (formal) on Saturday, April 24th at the JW Marriot Hill Country Resort just off of TPC Parkway. This will be an in-person event where all Juniors and Seniors are invited to attend with a +1. We will also be having a Freshmen/Sophomore Morp semi-formal dance on Saturday, May 22nd in our Historic Gym. All freshmen and sophomores are invited to attend with a +1.
Prom is strictly for juniors and seniors, with Morp being strictly for freshmen and sophomores. Masks
will be required and screenings will take place.”

In a more recent interview, he goes into what information is now available as the date becomes closer and closer. He says, “We’re absolutely excited to be having prom.”

He continues, “We’re excited that now, our boys are going to have an opportunity to have an additional event that adds to their entire educational experience, and we’re confident that we are going to do this in a very safe manner.”

He then gives an insight to the dance, and what else might be taking place as the pandemic still has an effect on life overall. “The theme is “Maskerade”,” he says, adding the pun dealing with the current world events of COVID-19.

“The space at the Marriott is going to be able to expand to our needs, so if we had a hundred people, we would probably open up two barriers. If we had two-hundred people, we’d open up four barriers.” He continues, “Mr. Nelson, Ms. Sosa, and Ms. Santana have been taking point on helping the STUCO boys move this forward and it is a lot of work. I didn’t quite understand how much work planning an event like this would be, until I got involved with STUCO and saw everything Mr. Nelson does.”

Tickets are still on sale this week to get last minute tickets. This sale ends Wednesday by the end of the school day. Sales range from $50 for a single, and $100 for a couple. Dinner will be served at the event. COVID masks are mandatory, alcohol testing will be administered randomly, and distancing will be enforced slightly at the event.