Change in schedule brings new opportunities

David Trevino, Editor

Since returning from Spring Break, every understanding I’ve ever had about daily routine has been completely thrown out the window. Even with distance learning officially starting on March 23, nothing about my day seems anywhere near normal. Obviously I am not the only person feeling this way due to the fact that the majority of our nation is under a stay at home lockdown. While staying at home and missing school seems like the ideal situation for a high school student, after about a few days the dream is not all what it’s called out to be. High schoolers everywhere are missing their friends, social interactions, clubs, sports, and so many other pillars of common life. I’m sure kids around the country are reflecting on life before this situation elevated, on portions of their life they may have taken for granted. For me, although it did not seem like such an important part of my schedule at the time, missing out on the opportunity to exercise as I choose has affected my life during this time in our country. 

I’ve never been the most athletic guy that’s for sure, but I’ve always tried to maintain my figure and my physical health. My freshmen year I was a solid member of the Freshmen (B Team) basketball team, and after taking a break sophomore year from athletics, I joined the cross country team my junior year. After a tough but fun season, I decided I had no real desire to run again my senior year. Realizing I probably wouldn’t be able to play on a sports team for Central, I decided to personalize my physical activities. Even though I wouldn’t intend on playing any sport, I decided on obtaining a gym membership, to a gym adjacent to where one of my closest friends live. Being able to strengthen myself and exercise any time I pleased alongside someone who pushed me to do my best was something I strongly took for granted. 

Picking up the cliche of “going to the gym more” for a New Year’s Resolution, I decided I wouldn’t let this just become a cliche. I even convinced two of my other close friends to purchase a membership to the same gym , meaning I would have the opportunity to exercise with 3 of my closest friends. Since the start of the 2nd semester I had been going to the gym everyday after school, trying to exercise at least 5 times a week. Fast Forwarding to the present, a time in which only essential businesses are open, I no longer have the opportunity to exercise with my friends. With such an unknowingly essential part of my life being taken away, I knew I would have to find a way to adjust. 

With the citywide lockdown going into effect March 24, 2020 I decided to see what workout equipment I could piece together in my backyard. Having a hand me down bench press, along with some dumbbells proved to be very helpful. Even though I can no longer exercise with my pals, I have a new workout partner, my dog Max! He barks me through my sets and keeps me company as I push myself. Even if someone doesn’t have any workout equipment, there are still plenty of ways to exercise while maintaining social distancing protocol.  Going out for a run, a bike ride, or completing non equipment workouts at home are all viable options for exercise. Even though it obviously is not the same workout as it was before, finding ways to adjust and adapt during this nationwide crisis is the most essential tool of all.

David Trevino