Central lacrosse program gains new head coach

Esteban Serrano, Staff Writer

With the start of a brand new lacrosse season for Central Catholic, comes a change to the roster. Not in the way you think however, because the team has a new head coach, and his is name is Andrew Gonzalez. He is a former student of Central Catholic, class of 2013. He says his love for the sport has never gone out the window, and that is one of the main reasons why he took this opportunity to coach at the high school he graduated from. “I have played for so long, that I wanted to stay connected to the sport that I love.” 

He played club at St. Edwards University, which is a private Catholic university located in Austin. It is ranked a top liberal arts college by U.S. News and World Report, according to their website.

He says there hasn’t been too much success for the Buttons in the past, and that he doesn’t expect a lasting season this year either, but he does have confidence in the group. He does however, he said without a doubt, think that a rebuild is exactly what this team needs. “The team hasn’t been meeting expectations recently, but I am really confident we will find our rhythm.” He is also very confident a championship is in this lacrosse program’s future. “I am looking forward to bringing the team up, and getting to the level of going into city, state, and win that championship.”

The lacrosse program at Central Catholic dates back to 1992, and was the first ever high school lacrosse program in the city of San Antonio. In their first three years, the Buttons went 12-17 and had four all-state selections at the time. The Button lacrosse team in 2020 and the future seasons ahead, look to write history. Younger boys apart of Central Catholic’s Youth Lacrosse league, could soon be part of this team under new head coaching very soon, and might even be apart of a championship team. They are hosting an open practice from 2-4pm on January 12 for all grades from all schools.

As for Gonzalez’s coaching style, he says he is looking forward to the season ahead. “I want the boys to have fun in what they do. I am a competitive person as well, so I would love for the guys to have fun and maintain a balance of competitiveness as well.” He wants the boys to ‘grow together’ while maintaining a level of competitiveness with fun on the field. 

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Esteban Serrano
Esteban Serrano


Esteban Serrano