Central student body decides on STUCO president

Luis Pagán-González, Staff Writer

It is official. The Central Catholic Student Council for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year has been decided. Twelve students ran and gave their speeches on April 17th and were elected the next day. The following Tuesday gave the final results with nine of the students being elected as the new executive student council. At first place was Franco Alonso, making him the new STUCO president. A ceremony was held during the school liturgy honoring St. Joseph on April 30th for the new members of Student Council, where Franco and the rest of the new members made their vows for their duties as part of the Student Council.

Now that Franco is officially the new STUCO President, it is time to know about his reasons for running for STUCO and what he has planned for the next school year. When asked about why he ran, Franco said that he saw that the school needed to be changed in some way. “I saw how some people wanted more from student council and I wanted to do my best to give the school what they need.” Franco was then asked about how he felt while giving his speech on the 17th, to which he replied with “I felt like I was really getting my message across. Obviously I was nervous, but I also knew that I gave it my best and all I could do was hope.”

Now that the STUCO roster has been finalized, we have to wonder what the new members have in mind for next year, especially our new president. Some of Franco’s current goals for STUCO are as follows; “One of my main focuses is the consistency of intramurals. More than that though, I would like to change the way people see STUCO and I want to show people that Student Council can actually make a difference.”

So Franco Alonso is sounding like a very promising person to be our next Student Council president. He is also “always open to new ideas” for anything related to his role in STUCO so anyone is more than welcome to reach out to him. The 2019-2020 school year seems very promising with this student leading the Student Council.

Mr. Cassler