Math teacher shares vaccine experience


Esteban Serrano, Lead Editor

The COVID-19 vaccine roll out has been well underway for a few months now. Thousands, if not tens of thousands are already fully vaccinated with the series of 2 doses required by either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccination brands.

In fact, an interactive map from the New York Times finds that 11.9% of Texas residents have received at least one shot. 6% have been fully vaccinated with both shots.

This all comes amid Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s request to the federal government for more shipments of the vaccine to get to into people’s arms. Threatening that the Alamodome mass vaccination site may have to be shut down if no successful. Mostly because of a week of no shots due to the Arctic Storm.

Besides that, you more than likely know someone who has received a dose or two in their arm already. Tammy Schrader is a teacher and Head of the Math Department. She explains her vaccination experience. She has only received one dose so far.

“I went to Wonderland Mall of the Americas. It was quite the set up there. There were about 20 people giving shots,” she says.

She describes the lines in a very unique way, saying, “The line was snaking around like the line at a Disneyland ride. It did not take long at all to go through the line. It was constantly moving.” She continues, “The nurse who gave me my shot did a good job.”

She then explains what happened after the shot. What she felt, and what she experienced as well. “We were asked to wait for 10 minutes to make sure we were okay.” She continues, “I feel a little strange. I don’t feel sick, just strange. My arm is super sore.  I get the flu vaccine every year and my arm is always a little sore after that. This is major soreness. I never felt soreness like this. If this is as bad as the side effects get, it’s worth it.”