Central soccer seeks another successful season

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Central soccer seeks another successful season

Ernesto Gomez, Staff Writer

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We strive for members of the soccer program to graduate with an understanding of how to commit to excellence, in any endeavor.”

— Coach Cartee

After many years of being state champions, Central soccer has developed a substantial reputation. Soccer tryouts have been held recently with promising expectations for yet another successful season.

“Our varsity team is skillful, experienced, and deep.  We have a strong defense that enables us to push numbers into the attack.  Our goals are to play great team soccer and win every game we play.  We believe that success is a direct result of preparation, and we will focus on executing better in specific game situations and on building exceptional mental strength,” said Coach Cartee.

Although players had been lost due to graduation, the team has seen a great number of returners and promising new players. According to coaches, there are high hopes for defense the team as a whole.

“I have high expectations just as all the other coaches have… I could say for this team this year, we can do better than last year,” said Coach Sager.

Coach Sager has high hopes for defense, striker, and returning center. However, the team is  “fresh in the face” in some places which may need potential improvement such as passing. With high expectations, Sager sees even higher success.

“My expectation for this season is for us to win state and to get there we are going to need to work really hard,” said goalkeeper, Benjamin Escobedo about his expectation for the team’s future performance.

Coach Cartee emphasized the following reminder: “We want to see Section R  FULL  for our home and local games this year!  Be there and be loud!”.

Good luck to all Varsity and JV soccer players for a season of back to back success.