Central’s fellowship of the senior ring

Esteban Serrano, Lead Editor

It’s been over a month since the class of 2022 received their class rings. The ceremony took place on April 8, with each student receiving a ring, some jewelry, and others with other items. However, the importance of the ring (or any item received) is something of vital traditions to the school. Athletic Director Edward Ybarra, ’83, is no stranger to tradition of Central Catholic. He shared his thoughts in an interview.

“I think the significance of the class ring, is symbolic of the school’s individuals, the student’s hard work, and an aspect of family, but ultimately, a symbol of “this is the Brotherhood,” he begins. “Therefore, the ceremony that occurs in May is one of the most important ceremonies of the school year, because it also symbolizes the transition of a junior becoming a senior. They, now, being the leaders of Central Catholic High School.”

Although, the ceremony is almost never held in May, traditionally. This year was a toss-up with dates due to the pandemic, as the previous ring ceremony was held in January of 2020. This being two months before the shutdown impacted the school community.

Nonetheless, the ceremony had a “ring” to it, when it comes to the importance of family. Ybarra expands on that, saying, “For example, my ring… I melted the gold on my high school ring and formed my son’s ring. So, there’s that aspect of family. Some parents that melt down maybe their own jewelry and melt down their son’s ring. There are some dads and grandfathers that pass on their rings to their sons and to their grandsons. That is what I mean by the importance of family being in that ring.”

The tradition certainly showed at the ceremony. Dads who were alumni, were present at the ceremony, presenting the rings to their sons. Parents were allowed to get a photo opportunity as well, while their son walked the stage with their newly-presented ring.

Courtesy of Edward Ybarra
Courtesy of Edward Ybarra
Courtesy of Edward Ybarra