#NoahStrong finishes strong: April update

Esteban Serrano, Lead Editor

This beginning of school year is one for the record books, and as the end of the 2021 school year approaches, Noah is embracing these last few weeks left of his time at Central Catholic. Since this saga began, Adams has undergone treatments, undergone surgery, gotten a prosthetic, undergone specialized physical therapy, and is now looking forward to some events to close the year. He says, “It’s honestly going great, just having the independence back is amazing.”

Noah has since undergone one of the longest chemotherapy treatments, and he still has two chemo treatments left in total. “I got up and did a little walk with my prosthetic every day,” Adams says. “On the weekends I’ve been walking lot and getting a lot of practice in.” He continues, “It was pretty painful to walk in, because my ankle wasn’t used to that pressure and that contact. So, doing that was probably the first step, and then learning what parts of the prosthetic that I needed to change. It helped me realize what I like and what I don’t like… It’s working great now.”

Adams has since visited the school twice in the past month- once for annual senior panoramic photos, and the military ball. He describes first, his experience at military ball. “I took my girlfriend and it was just nice because I didn’t have my prosthetic yet, but I had a high walk. So I was able to have some freedom and not have to just like walk around with crutches, so I could hold her hand and go meet other people and stuff.”

He continues, “Then of course, we got to do the big military ball walk-down, and we got a little dance and it was awesome.” During the walk-down, Adams explains what was going through his mind, saying, “It was like, “I can’t believe I am finally here.” Like, this is amazing.” He continues, “It was a lot of relief, because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

Adams then takes into account the panoramic photo, and what it was like to finally be back in the midst of his senior classmates. “It was different, because you know, of course, everyone isn’t the same as they were last year. Seeing how social groups changed and different friends became stronger and it was interesting.”

Adams says, that he isn’t giving up on his absence yet, prompting a plan on returning back on campus in later events and even in school. “I’m planning on returning to school and taking some classes because I’ll pretty much be graduated by May 9. So, I’m going to come back and just spend the month with the boys.”

As the clock ticks and ticks rapidly to graduation day, which is a little over than a month away, Noah reflects and shares what is going through his mind as the big day comes. “Ten-percent nervousness, ninety-percent ready to just go,” he starts. “I’m excited to go to Pittsburgh and just go on different trips I have planned this summer, and spend time with the boys before we all go our separate ways.”

The school recently hosted the last blood drive of the school year on April 12. Noah says he got to share his story with the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, who has been hosting the blood drives throughout the duration of the school year. Noah says he is also looking forward to the Central prom on Saturday, as he will attend with his friends. As for college, Noah plans on attending the University of Pittsburgh in the fall, where he will major in clinical developmental psychology.

Via @NoahStrongtx on Instagram
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Via @NoahStrongtx on Instagram
Via @NoahStrongtx on Instagram
Via @NoahStrongtx on Instagram