Student teams battle it out in Central Madness

The Central Madness annual tournament took place in the Kahlig-Cowie Convocation Center on Thursday. This year’s highly anticipated tournament consisted of 20 teams, all given a chance in a single-elimination tournament to prove their basketball skills.
The tournament consisted of 7 minute games with teams of 3 vs. 3 with subs allowed every few minutes, and after all the hard fought competition and close games, the winners of the tournament were the Potato Boss Strike Team. The team (pictured below left to right) consisted of Joaquin Saenz, team coach Diego Fernandez, Joseph Garcia, Joshua Rush, and Aidan Mauricio, all of whom are juniors.
Garcia explains why being on the winning team was a pleasure to him: “It’s great to know that my friends and I can work well with one another against different types of basketball players.” He continues, “We pulled off the win with our shooting and ability to get past the defense with our speed.”
Rush says, “It felt great to win Central Madness 2021 and I am grateful to share this experience with Aidan, Joaquin, and Joseph.”
Thanks to their tournament victory, the Potato Boss Strike Team now has bragging rights among the whole school that they alone are #1 in this highly coveted annual tournament that we call Central Madness. And oh yeah….they get to walk out of the Convocation Center with that giant and shiny trophy.
Mr. Cassler
Chris Galvan