Election 2020: America has Spoken


Esteban Serrano, Lead Editor

It’s been a week and America has voted on a new Presidential Administration that will begin on January 20, 2021. The Associated Press has projected last Saturday that former Vice President Joe Biden, who served under the Obama Administration, will be the 46th President of the United States. Kamala Harris will be his Vice President, and will be the first woman, person of multi-racial descent, and outstandingly, first African-American and Asian-American to be Vice President of the United States.

The AP projected finally a Biden win in Pennsylvania, giving him the 270 electoral votes needed to win. The current projected score is 290-232 in favor of the Former Vice President. Georgia is the only state that is yet to be projected, but it still wouldn’t be enough for Donald Trump to catch up.

Supporters of the former Vice President, immediately started to flood the streets of many major U.S. cities including Philadelphia, and New York City as the news was breaking.

Don Nelson, head of the Social Studies Department who was interviewed prior to the Election, shares his reactions and breaks down a few things.

“Technically, its not over,” Nelson Says. “It isn’t official until mid-December.” He is referring to the official counts. Keep in mind the media has made projections, and the official date is December 14 for all vote counts to become certified by state and to be finalized in the electoral count.

With that, Trump has already filed lawsuits in some states and is demanding recounts. “I would like to see Trump do the gentlemanly thing…” Nelson says. “I think he needs to acknowledge what has been a long-standing tradition, and that is our right to vote.” In an article by Reid J. Epstein of the New York Times asking about the possibility of a Trump victory still, it says, “That is false. Mr. Biden’s winning margins in the key battleground states he has captured — 20,000 votes in Wisconsin54,000 votes in Pennsylvania and 148,000 votes in Michigan — are well above the thresholds of votes that have been changed in previous recounts. Even in Georgia, where officials are preparing for a hand recount of the ballots, Mr. Biden leads by 14,000 votes, a margin that is unlikely to be reversed.”

Nelson agrees on another Trump claim, the possibility of voter fraud, but explains he doesn’t believe it to be likely. “There is a possibility, but how wide? To the point of millions of votes?- That I find hard to believe.”

History was made in this Election, particularly because of Joe Biden (78) being elected the oldest President ever. On top of that, a record number of registered voters either actually showed up to the polls despite the ongoing pandemic, or voted by mail.

Kamala Harris however, Joe Biden’s running mate for Vice President, has become the first woman, African-American, and Asian-American to hold that power. “Quite honestly, because I teach government, I don’t just watch the Republican debates, I watch the Democratic ones too. I was thoroughly impressed with Kamala Harris during the Democratic debates,” Nelson says. “I was a bit surprised when she decided to drop out,” Nelson continues. “I thought she would have been a good one.”

Looking ahead to four years down the road, with a lot to get done for the upcoming administration and so little time, Nelson makes some predictions for 2024.

“I think Kamala will definitely run… I think she’ll want to hold that position,” He says. “I find it hard to think that Trump hold on and will run again… Honestly, I think Mike Pence ought to run for his own ticket. Ted Cruz is a Constitutional Lawyer himself and he is very intelligent. I listened to a lot of the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett and I heard him speak and I was impressed.”

Of course, the stress some might have endured during the Election days is over, and it is unlikely any results will shift to the opposite direction. Only one phrase Nelson that could sum everything up, as well as the added political climate of 2020, is “The world was watching.”


Map Courtesy of 270towin.com. Results according to The Associated Press