Election 2020: Biden wins crucial Michigan


Map courtesy of 270to win.com (Current Standings)

Esteban Serrano, Lead Editor

As of 5:00 pm CDT on Wednesday, November 4, The Associated Press projected Joe Biden as the winner of the State of Michigan. It was a state that has been watched like a hawk all day. Michigan is reporting 99% of the way in, with nearly 70,000 votes separating Donald Trump from Joe Biden.

AP is reporting 264-214 in favor of Democratic Nominee and Former Vice President, Joe Biden.

Nevada is reporting 75% of the way through, and it carries 6 electoral votes. If Biden wins Nevada by tonight into the early-morning hours, he is projected to win the presidency. Currently, Biden is winning 49.3% (588,252) and Trump trailing with 48.7% (580,605).

Three more states to eye are Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Georgia is reporting 96% of the way in with Trump winning 50% (2, 403,858) and Joe Biden behind with 48.8% (2,344,046)

North Carolina has Trump leading currently 50.1% and Joe Biden with 48.7%.

Pennsylvania has Trump leading with 51.7% and Biden trailing with 47.2%.

All of this information is according to the Associated Press.

Map courtesy of 270towin.com (Map of outcome if all leaning states were declared right now)
Map courtesy of 270to win.com (Current Standings)