Comfort food helps to out the doubt

Esteban Serrano, Staff Writer

As many Texas restaurants begin to reopen today, and now allow dine-in customers, many will probably choose to stay put and eat in their house or order takeout.

I brought you a story earlier this year about inspiring Senior Matthew Milligan and his family. They are competitive chefs and compete for big cash prizes.

Matthew is a JROTC photographer along with being a competitive chef. He had called his career as a chef his own “praise of glory,” when talking about it during our interview in February, and even added how he cherished his love cooking and school. Right now, with the pandemic affecting all of us, cook-offs have been off the table for the time-being.

I caught up with Matthew and he told me about some mouth-watering dishes him and his family are having fun making while in quarantine, and competing in the comfort of their home.

Does this sound delicious and fun or what? Matthew says that his mom is still cooking while away from delayed competitions. “My mom is in a competition and has a challenge every week and this week is fiesta Friday, so she’s doing beef fajita tacos.”

She has been working during the week, but Matthew tells me that both his parents get into cooking competitively, in another way. “They’ve been cooking and these small competitions on Facebook with other cookers.”

I asked him if prizes were apart of these virtual cook-offs, and he told me, “…it’s more for enjoyment since cook-outs are halted.” He says they “occasionally cook for fun and participate.” “So we have done pork tacos with homemade salsa and last Sunday we have done steaks.”

Below are just some of the mouth-watering dishes they have made that Milligan has shared.