Taking things for granted? Give thanks instead…

Esteban Serrano, Staff Writer

During this abnormal time, reflection should be key to getting your mind off of the worst imaginable. Maybe you are binge-watching a television show with an exciting or intriguing plot, or maybe its a good time to go through old photo albums whether they are concrete or digital, and maybe you are using some of this time to connect with friends or family via cellphone, text message, social media, or FaceTime.

Let’s face it, sometimes reflections make you think about the things we take for granted as humans. You might take for granted your job and wishing you were a millionaire, when in fact you are a millionaire in your heart. You might take for granted your friends who do everything with you and listen to you yap and yap about something they couldn’t care any less about.

Personally, in this time I hear things everyday about thanking people. Of course thanking doctors is essential because they are at the front lines of this war we are living through at this very moment, but there are those hidden heroes of this pandemic. I am talking about chefs, deliverers, and grocery store employees. Times before, I would go into a restaurant and grocery store, maybe not even noticing that an employee was right next to me putting my Sprite in a bag, or that waiter or waitress who brought my burger to the table.

These people in most cases, work left and right hour by hour to meet the demand of customers. At this time in history, demand has been higher than ever for essentials including toilet paper. Needed to survive of course, are those edible and savory treats we call food. At this point, whether it is Chinese takeout, a pizza delivery, fast food from the drive-thru, or Ramen, cereal and bread, we all need these things to be able to survive these tough and distant times. To all of those who are working long hours and harder than ever, sacrificing time to isolate, and taking the demand of people nationwide, thank you. You are not at all forgotten, especially during this difficult time in our history.