Successful freshman shoots for Bordelon Rifles

David Trevino, Editor

Several key factors have played a role in the success of our JROTC program. From the guidance of our accomplished army instructors to the diligence and determination of our current cadets, the JROTC program has had several elements lead them to greatness this school year. One cadet, who may be considered a surprising leader to some, has been raising eyebrows and proving doubters wrong all school year. Her name is Zavanna Montague, a freshman at Providence High School, and she’s been bringing home medals all year long for the Bordelon Rifle Team. 

Gaining inspiration from her father, Zavanna decided to tryout for the Rifle team earlier this school year. As surprising as it is with her shooting scores being through the roof, Zavanna had never picked up a rifle, or even gone hunting in her entire life. To her it really was, “Something I gave a shot and happened to be good at.” Even if good fortune has played a role in Zavanna’s success, it cannot compare to the amount of work and training she has put in all year long. Practice for the Rifle Team begins at 6 AM Monday-Thursday, and for Zavanna who lives a considerable distance from Central, her morning begins at 4:45 AM. Zavanna told me, “I absolutely think it’s worth it, because every time you practice you get a little better”, in regards to her schedule. 

A huge part of her accomplishments Zavanna contributed to her instructor SFC. Bradford. In fact, when asking Zavanna why she enjoys drill team so much, Zavanna immediately addressed the mentorship of SGT. Bradford. She was grateful for everything SFC. has taught her, and especially, “the way he emphasizes repetition which directly leads to improvement”.  SFC. Bradford also has high praise for his student saying, “As a freshman she’s been a great asset to the team. She listens well, takes practice seriously, and has become a true leader of the team.” Teammate Noah Quilantan also spoke highly of Zavanna saying, “she has quickly become one of the best shooters on the team and has crazy potential, which is a big reason all of us on the team support her and her accomplishments.” 

Zavanna’s success first arose at the Lee High School shooting competition. There, she placed 13th out of over 300 shooters. When asking her how it felt to receive her first medal, Zavanna stated, “I was definitely overwhelmed, I couldn’t even believe I won!” Her success continued and was highly recognized after the El Paso competition. There, she won a first place medal for kneeling, first place in standing, and second place overall. Zavanna embraced a true winning attitude after her El Paso winnings saying, “It felt empowering to win those medals, but I know not to let it get to my head because that is when you slip up. I plan to keep on working hard and hopefully I can win some more.”