Central connection featured in long form video

David Trevino, Editor

Central Catholic is going to be gaining a little more publicity in the coming months, due to a new television commercial in the works. Over the course of this week, Spectrum Reach has been gathering footage to create the new commercial, including interviewing students, and gaining action shots of teachers doing what they do best: teaching.

When speaking to Director of Enrollment, Mrs. Herman about the purpose of this commercial, she provided valid points stating,”Well we’ve been trying to publicize Central more and more, from the tailgates, to our open house, and everyone knows how powerful of a tool media can be so that is why we believe a long form video will be prove effective.”

Claudia Montgomery, a marketing and advertising director, explains how handling the marketing for the school in the past six years has been “amazing.” “It has always amazed me when I get to talk to the young men here, how composed they are, how they appreciate the education they get here, and that they understand the ‘brotherhood’ and the connection the school has,” Montgomery explains. She also explains how  “fun” is always somehow tied into the description of the school. “There is the academics part, and the spiritual part. But then I always love it, because I always hear the word ‘fun.’ You know, it’s rigorous and you want to do the best you can with everything, but if you aren’t having fun, then why are we doing this? I love to hear that the boys here have fun.”

Montgomery then explained where exactly the commercials would air. “We have over a hundred cable networks such as ESPN, HGTV, and Bravo, so the commercials will appear on the ones that make the most sense for the audience that you are trying to reach.”

Not surprisingly, other members of the film crew alongside Mrs. Montgomery were also impressed with our Button’s responses during the interviews. “Being able to speak on a dime, with no hesitation, on your true feelings for a school you love is truly an impressive task”, said freelancer and cameraman, Elias Flores, III.

As for the school as a whole, Montgomery explained what she would tell people, if she was sitting in that interview chair. “I do tell people this, because I am Catholic and have friends who are considering what they are going to do with their kids in high school. I always tell them if you want your son to be a part of a community to feel like there is something here for every kid, whether it’s sports, robotics or ROTC, there seems to be a place for each kid, and the part I like about it is the boys will find activity, and those boys will include him. So, you will not walk in and feel like you aren’t a part of it, because you will feel like you are apart of it right away.”