Central community saves many lives…again

Demitri Garcia, Editor

Central Catholic is an incredibly virtuous community, and one reflection of that is our students’ ongoing generosity toward the blood drives held here at Central, sponsored by the Guardian Angels. “Whenever you donate blood, you save three lives,” is a commonly repeated phrase used by the blood bank that quantifies the amount of help just one person can accomplish. At Central, 35 students donated saving 105 lives.

Certain aspects of blood donation may be confusing, things like blood type meaning and equipment usage are topics of curiosity among donors. After doing some further inquiry, a blood drive staff member clarifies that “the big white machine is a haemonetics machine. It separates platelets from the donor’s blood and returns the blood back to the donor.” Additionally, the staff member offered a small tidbit of knowledge to some donors that “O+ blood type can donate to A+, B+ and AB+ blood types.” Central students are always being exposed to learning which leads to a better understanding of health.

The logistics of the blood drive is a surprisingly intricate process. Volunteers believe in the “spirit of the individual”…so that at the end of the day, they are the difference between life and death for many people. This heartfelt testimony to the importance of volunteering is taken to heart by many Central Students; they safely donate whenever they can and save countless lives in the process.