Tailgate holds previews for prospective Buttons

David Trevino, Editor

Here at Central Catholic, we are always in search of various ways to promote our school to potential families and middle schoolers. From eighth grade tours, to middle school football tailgates, to shadow appointments, to our newly inaugural open house, future Buttons around the city have several opportunities to interact with the Brotherhood before it is their turn to walk our prestigious halls.  This past week, an organization in our school that had never before been highlighted finally got their chance in the spotlight. Eighth graders considering Central Catholic gathered at our Kahlig-Cowie Convocation on Tuesday, February 4th for our first ever Middle School Basketball tailgate which proved to be a fun, interactive time. 

This time of year is vital to potential members of the Central Catholic Class of 2024. In speaking to director of enrollment Ms. Herman about the purpose of this event, she stated, “We know that we are in the height of 9th grade applications, and this event provides families and students with yet another opportunity to experience campus life.” Ms. Herman, who organizes this event, wanted to emphasize the interaction between future students and current students, as she does with all recruiting events. In picking fun and action packed entertainment, there was never a dull moment the entire night.

The night began shortly after school at 5 O’clock. Eighth graders gathered outside the Convocation Center where traditional tailgate eats were provided. After enjoying the food, our JROTC program held games such as Tug of War and relay races. Next, student council representatives led the eighth graders into the historic gym where basketball activities were held. From classic games of knockout, Horse, and shooting contests the eighth graders were getting prepared for what was going to be an intense varsity matchup. Right before they were led into the gym, the eighth graders participated in a “Mock Section R” where they watched our current students play a game of pickup as they were led in chants from our Section R leaders. Basic chants like “Here We Go Central, Here We Go!”, “Let’s Go Defense”!, and “You Can’t Do That!” were passed down to the next generation of Buttons. Eighth Grader Isiah Fetter was pleased with the tailgate saying, “It was a super fun time, it prepared me for what to expect of basketball games and other things when it’s my time to be at Central”.

The night ended in probably the most interactive way possible, with the eighth graders joining our current Buttons in Section R. The eighth graders got to cheer on the varsity squad as they battled district rivals St. Mary’s Hall. At halftime of the game, several eighth graders participated in a half court shot contest where one of them actually made one! Aidan O’Connell who has an eighth grade brother spoke highly of the night saying, “It seemed like all of the guys were having a real fun time. I wish they had a basketball tailgate when I was an eighth grader. I’m still a little upset my brother didn’t make the half court shot though, he has to work on that I guess.”  With events like this, my future brothers get to experience Central lifestyle at such an advanced rate than past Buttons, and that’s truly an exciting thing.