Kahlig-Cowie venue for 89th annual Military Ball

Demitri Garcia, JROTC Editor

The 89th annual Military Ball was held by the Central Catholic JROTC Corps of Cadets on January 25. This annual event is held to honor the graduating senior class and the transfer of leadership. This year’s event is unique as the venue was the new Kahlig-Cowie Convocation Center, rather than an off campus hotel venue.  Additionally, students and staff from fellow JROTC across San Antonio programs were in attendance.

The chief organizers for this event, Max Bohannon, Natalia Cardenas, and Tommy Getty, all simultaneously agreed that organizing this tradition was both “fun and challenging…and grew (their) character.” The night began with team pictures and the traditional receiving line. Within this line was our guest speaker for the night, Brigadier General Christine A. Beeler, who brings an impressive military service resume. With four master degrees and years of high level service to her country, it was an honor to listen to her words on teamwork. Organizer Max Bohannon remarked “It was really nice that she used super heroes to better relate to a younger audience.”

The new gym, with lavish decor, was prepared by the parent booster club (now dubbed the parent brigade) to the awe-inspired sight of over 450 guests. The organization and success of this military ball has “opened the doors for future” events in the new gym stated a parent volunteer. The importance of this event for the senior class is crucial. It is the culmination of their legacy as a cadet and student and this eighty-ninth Military Ball was one of the best.