Mr. G plays pivotal role in student development

Demitri Garcia, Editor

Mr. Goljahmofrad, colloquially known as “Mr. G”, is the new Dean of Students at Central Catholic High School. He is responsible for disciplinary concerns and attendance accountability, but the job is much more than that. He says the “unwritten job areas and responsibilities are pleasant surprises because it turns into a lot of fun.” Mr. G has taken on this position bringing ideas from past experiences, his ongoing podcast, “The G Cast” and his book The Golden Connection.

Mr. G is a school administrator with a positive outlook on the challenge of educating high school boys. His primary goal is for people “to stop and reflect not that you finished the day, but what did you learn from the day… and here’s the key: how can you then turn and help others who are following?” Mr. G delivers on this goal by taking the time to fully connect and understand the mindset of every student. He shared his academic shortcomings and lessons learned by relating his experience of  “graduating in the bottom 15% of my high school class” and transitioning into a career in education after he felt unfulfilled pursuing a degree in accounting. From this he understands that “grades and GPA do not define who you are.” He places an emphasis on “what you learn through the process.” These lessons provide lasting effects that encourage ownership and responsibility.

Mr. G daily witnesses hundreds of young men express themselves in a multitude of ways. When asked if any specific student has made an impact on him Mr. G explained “this is not a cop-out but there are so many. I drive home every single day grateful for the young men I get to be around. One of my favorite things about my job is to be out in the hallway during passing period saying good morning, good afternoon, thanking boys for being in dress code, telling them it’s good to see them, because it is.” He also said that “pointing out particular (students) would be a disservice to literally hundreds of boys who make this the absolute best job I’ve ever had.”

As Dean of Student Development, he has the important task of monitoring student behavior in Section R. From his perspective, “Section R at its rowdiest is exactly what a student section should be. It’s meant to banter it’s meant to be a home field advantage it’s meant to say things that might get the opposing team off track. There’s a level of gamesmanship that comes from a well-run, rowdy student section that absolutely gives the home team an advantage.” Mr. G values the importance of Section R to students. He further explains it is “a vital part of not just athletics, but the community.” He looks forward to advancing this student experience as it is needed as an additional form of student expression.

Mr. G’s new life here in San Antonio has shown him great enjoyment. In just a few months, Mr. G agrees that “life with breakfast tacos is far better than life without breakfast tacos.” Additionally, when asked about the unique music scene in San Antonio he stated that “when I work out I listen primarily to rap…but I was at the gym and a reggaeton song came on and…I don’t speak Spanish but I feel Latin music.”

When asked about a hypothetical situation where, in only a few lines, Mr. G would give his best advice to the student body, he stated “I believe that every young man has within them the ability to be great by their own definition. I also believe that if anybody falls short of the expectation it is because they did not sharpen the skills, abilities, and gifts that were given to them.” “We believe in you, but it is 100% up to you.” Mr. G’s avant-garde direction, as Dean of Student Development, elevates the academic and life learning lessons for Central Catholic students.