Band brings notes of Christmas to historic gym

Demitri Garcia, Editor

Surrounded by the sound of drums, the melodies of the flutes, the harmony of xylophones, and a cheering audience in the historic gym is the recipe for the amazing annual Button Band Christmas Concert. Sounding like a Christmas Orchestra, playing the classic songs of Christmas induced abundant holiday cheer.

This musical feat is astonishing, especially when one considers the fact that several of the band members are inexperienced musicians. Mr. Solis stated that freshman band members start their training by “practicing to breathe…then moving on to counting.” This methodical approach to learning music  gives band members the ability to excel at their performances. 

Being part of the Button Band is very intense. Mr. Solis describes it as “learning four years of an instrument in one year.” These band members must be very committed, as it requires a lot of dedicated time inside and outside the classroom participating in numerous events. Listening to them play “Carol of the Bells” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” at this memorable event demonstrated the culmination of a successful fall semester.

Mr. Solis considers this event to be “their final exam grade.” Experiencing the precision of the Button Band’s music brought the joy of the Christmas season to Central Catholic. I am wishing them a Merry Christmas and good grades on their finals!