Counselors combine to foster student success

Demitri Garcia, Editor

The expectation upon enrolling at Central Catholic is for students to attend college after graduation. Our school has an amazing track record of annually sending students to top universities like Yale, Texas and Columbia, just to name a few. Graduates also attend the Military Academies. These successes would be impossible if it were not for our three school counselors. Mrs. Antoon, Mrs. Douglas, and Mrs. Aguren are all dedicated to “supporting…students” whether it be “academic…interpersonal skills…(or) planning for post-secondary education.”

The journey of high school is tailored to maximize the potential of a student. Our school counselors teach students tools that prepare them for applying into their choice of colleges by developing a plan for their potential professional careers. A step in the process, that they cite, is to “take the 11th grade College Portfolio project seriously.” On the third floor of the main building is where the counselor offices are located. The counselors provide various flyers, pamphlets, brochures and documents to help students inform themselves. Students can learn about the dates when college representatives are set to visit our campus. Additionally,  scholarship opportunities, standardized testing materials, and many useful documents for the application process are made available.

On a more personal level, the counselors believe that “each student’s individual success is meaningful.” Their job description of applying academic achievement strategies to a student’s goal setting is a four year process. This important relationship between a student and counselor leads to goal achievement. At Central Catholic, parents, faculty, and staff are invested in students’ success beyond high school. At the center of this, are the Central Catholic counselors.