Central community exceeds #GivingTuesday goal


Ernesto Gomez, Editor

In celebration of #GivingTuesday, an international day of charity, the Central Catholic community came together to collect over $18,000 in an impressive and welcome show of support.

The event was planned and organized by Ms.Vitagliano and Ms. Munoz in the advancement office. About a month prior to the campaign, goals, and preparations had begun to be created.

Beginning on Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, the event was announced on the school’s social media accounts and sent out in emails. To advertise the event, a video of sophomore, Noah Rodriguez, was posted to the official Central Catholic Instagram account, with the video featuring Rodriguez sitting and explaining the event and its goals. Shortly after, another video featuring senior William Dotin was posted of the student explaining the impact the generosity of others would have on this campaign.

The campaign began with a primary goal of $10,000, and immediately after the announcement of the charity event, many generous individuals began donating to the fund for Central Catholic.

The event met its original goal of $10,000, and soon after that, an individual was impressed enough with the amount already collected that they  decided to match the amount with an additional $5,000 donation. The individual, who prefers to remain anonymous, helped push the collection well past its initial goal. “It is only through giving time, love, items, advice, or ideas that we truly impact people’s lives, and this man has impacted us greatly,” said Senior, Kai Solonka. “I’m so glad people are able to support our school in donations so we can continue to strive and become even better students.” said Junior, Rai Martinez. “It brings me joy that there are still so many generous people that are continuing the mission of Central Catholic through their  service, generosity, and love.”added Senior, Victor Sanchez.

Money collected through the #GivingTuesday event will go directly to programs and tuition assistance for Central Catholic students.

Elisa Vitagliano
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Mr. Cassler
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