Students and alumns contribute to Can Drive


Mr. Bendele

Ernesto Gomez, Staff Writer

The fruits of their labor may not be seen by the young men themselves or by our community, but, because of this effort, somebody is going to have the opportunity to share a meal with a friend or loved one that they might otherwise not have had.”

— Mr. Goljahmofrad

To help the less fortunate, Central Catholic Guardian Angels with the help of Alumni held a can drive for the upcoming holiday season.

“Between what we collected at Central last week and with what we were able to purchase, we estimated that we had around 4,600 cans crammed into Bus 7.  Not to brag, but there aren’t many other schools that can make that sort of claim every single year,” wrote Guardian Angels Moderator, Mr. Bendele.

To raise the funds necessary for the can drive, the group had collected loose change from guests at home football games.

According to Bendele, “We collected $1600.  Of that amount, $900 went towards purchasing cans for Thanksgiving.  (The rest will go toward our Christmas Toy Drive.)”.

To begin the can collection process, students were asked to bring money or cans in exchange for free dress days and it was a success. hundreds of cans were collected. With the money and cans ready, the team went down to the local Sam’s. The group split up and collected a variety of non-perishable goods. With three heaping shopping carts more of cans, they were off to distribute.

“All I did was drive the bus. I stayed out of the way and witnessed Central Catholic students add our portion to some family’s holiday story,” said Dean of Students, Mr. Goljahmofrad.

The first stop was St. Mary Magdalen’s, where a third of the goods were dropped off. Next, another third of the cans were dropped off at Holy Rosary, a Marianist parish on the westside. Lastly, the remaining cans were delivered to St. Michael’s on the eastside.

“I think we did really well. It’s always great to be able to see everyone come together and work towards a common good. All of our work has gone to helping our local community.”, said Senior and President of Guardian Angels, Diego Gonzales.

To conclude distribution, a final prayer took place at St. Micheals. There Bendele explained how proud he was of the boys and the difference they have made to hundreds of families.

“Although the main focal point of our day centered around buying canned goods and delivering them, the day wouldn’t have been complete without prayer.  After we had finished unloading everything at St. Michael’s (our final stop), I had the guys gather around in a circle.  Their secretary joined us.  I shared with them some words.  I told them how proud I was and how much of a difference they had just made.  We literally just helped out several hundred families!  Then I turned it over to Diego for closing prayer.  It was a beautiful way to conclude a beautiful day,” said Bendele.

If you are interested in making a difference for children during the Christmas season, Guardian Angels will be holding a toy drive this December. For more information on how you could contribute see Mr. Bendele in room 252.

Mr. Bendele
Mr. Goljahmofrad
Mr. Goljahmofrad
Mr. Goljahmofrad
Mr. Goljahmofrad