No Shave November: Central lets it all grow!

David Trevino, Staff Writer

On a chilly November day, one can expect many things from a Central student. For starters, he’d probably arrive at school in his normal school attire, a school approved hoodie, and perhaps a well grown out beard. Yes, you read that correctly, a well grown out beard. This year, Student Council is sponsoring “No Shave November”, a fundraiser that has students around the school competing for bragging rights for the throne of shaggiest beard. 

“No Shave November” is an annual charity event in which men are encouraged to refrain from shaving in order to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. The event was begun by a group of young men from Australia in 2005 and since then sprung into a worldwide phenomenon. Student Council President Franco Alonzo stated, “In doing this event, students are given a fun opportunity to bend the rules a little bit, while doing so for a good cause at the same time,” when discussing the benefits of No Shave November. Over 30 students have participated in the event so far, along with faculty contestants Mr. Bronder and Mr. Ruby joining in on the fun. At only $15 a wristband, who at Central wouldn’t want to partake in such a manly competition?

When talking to contestants around the school, it was apparent tensions were starting to rise. Senior Josh Garcia proclaimed, “If I don’t get announced Best Beard at the end of the month, it’s obviously a rigged competition.” While most of the contestants are upperclassmen, a few underclassmen think they have what it takes to shock the school. Sophomore Joey Spicer thinks he is the manliest man at Central telling me, “I’m manlier than around 90% of the guys at Central and I’m only a sophomore. If you don’t believe me now, wait till you see what my face looks like at the end of the month!” Whether it be a sophomore, senior, or even faculty member, it is safe to say this fundraiser has brought out lively competition that has permeated throughout our school.

Joshua Garcia
Zach Holm
Sean Fleming
Mr. Bronder