Sophomore retreat cultivates class of ’22

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Sophomore retreat cultivates class of ’22

Ernesto Gomez, Staff Writer

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To further the spiritual and family characteristics of the Marianist educations, sophomore students had gone to an ultra spiritual experience at T Bar M Camps & Retreats.

“It was an amazing experience. I feel I know way more about my brothers than I did before going. I was also an eye-opening experience in my faith,” said sophomore, Nathan Lara.

The retreat was made up of group relationship-building activities and faith-oriented activities. The day began with a strange version of dodge ball to prepare and inspire students. As the students were divided into smaller groups, a day of brotherhood bonding began. After many activities unifying the brotherhood, students began heading to the main attraction, the high ropes.

“Pushing past my comfort zone in the “Leap of Faith” was probably the most memorable part. In total it was great to bond with all my Central Brothers,” said sophomore, Izak De La Cruz.

The high ropes courses were thrilling sights as students climbed blood-curdling heights supported by only a rope. Students faced their anxieties and fears and finished with a deep sense of personal achievement.

“I grew my relationships with some people I normally don’t hang out with. The staff at T Bar M was so supportive while I was doing the leap of faith and the belay was very kind and walked me through the way to reach the pole,” said sophomore Robert Everts.

Although the day appeared to be a day off with games and fun, students left with an improved understanding of trust and cooperation, fortifying the Brotherhood. In regards to individual students, everyone left with a confrontation of fears and anxieties with a sense of self-accomplishment.