CC students utilize free time during Spring Break

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CC students utilize free time during Spring Break

Luis Pagan-Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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School breaks are one of the parts about school that students are excited the most about, mainly because they don’t have to go for school for an extended period of time. Spring Break is a whole 9 days of downtime for students to cool down and relax from all of the stress and work from school. With this amount of time to do whatever they please, most students have some interesting or amazing things that they have done over the break. Central Catholic is no different, as several students took advantage of the free time to do some fun things.

Freshmen Fabian Cardenas, Sebastian Munoz, Diego Zombrano, Ethan Vargas, and Patrick Armand spent their Spring Break helping others rather than simply relax during the break. One of them had a fifteenth birthday, but collected and donated toys and money to St. PJ’s Children’s Home instead of getting gifts for themselves. These Freshmen perfectly show what the Central Brotherhood is all about.

Sophomore Diego Lopez’s Spring Break experience included a trip to Austin with his parents and brother to explore the city. He visited the Texas State Capital and the campus of University of Texas in Austin (UTA) for some sightseeing. While it was not an over the top vacation, it was still a fun experience and Diego was able to spend time with his family while doing some fun traveling

Junior Luis Pagán spent the last three days of Spring Break in Austin to go to the convention center known as South by Southwest (SXSW), specifically the SXSW Gaming convention. On Friday, he came dressed up as Mario from the Super Mario video game series and spent most of his time there playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game against other visitors. On Saturday, he went to the official panel for the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, which showed off new information on their upcoming game, animation shorts, and music. This was the second year that Luis went to SXSW Gaming and plans to continue going there for next year.

For Spring Break, Senior Zach Arndt went to South Padre Island for the first time in his life. While he was there, he went to several beach parties and the Clayton’s Beach Bar, which held several concerts at night throughout the entire week. At the concerts, he saw rap artist Trippie Redd on the first night. This experience kicked off Zach’s Spring Break on with a “Bang” (like one of Trippie Redd’s songs). Zach also saw Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artist Steve Aoki, one of the most popular EDM artists in the country. Aoki performed one of his famous songs called “Cake Face,” where he would throw a cake into the audience during his performance. At this concert, he had a total of ten cakes, and one of them almost hit Zach. While he was there, Zach passed the time having fun, meeting new people, and making new friends in a brand new, and unforgettable experience.

Everyone has their own preference of what to do during vacations. Some go travelling with family, some visit places for the first time, others go to events, and some even go around helping their community. Not every vacation has to be an expensive trip to a famous place, but something simpler and easier.

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