Commanders complete training at Bob Benson Stadium


Diego Lopez, Co-Editor

Since their unveiling on June 21, 2018, San Antonio has been abuzz with anticipation and excitement for our newest sports team, the fearsome San Antonio Commanders. Since their conception by the Alliance of American Football, the Commanders have been preparing relentlessly for their big debut on February 9th here in Military City, USA. So, before you go and empty your wallet, you might be wondering to yourself, “who are the San Antonio Commanders?”, “who is the coach?”, “where do they play?”, and “what is the Alliance of American Football?” Fortunately, you’re in the right spot. Here is everything you need to know about the San Antonio Commanders.

Before we get into the Commanders directly, you should first know who they operate under, the Alliance of American Football, or AAF. Like the Commanders, the Alliance is also relatively new, as it was announced only last year on March 20th by the filmmaker and CEO of the Alliance, Charlie Ebersol. The AAF will be directed by former NFL general manager Bill Polian, J.K. Mclay, and former Pittsburg Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.  Keep in mind that even though the AAL is a pro-league, it is not part of the NFL. Rather, it advertises itself as a complement to the NFL, a fun alternative for football fans to enjoy after the NFL season ends. It’s no coincidence that the first AAL game will air one week after the NFL’s Superbowl LIII. Contrary to the NFL, the AAL 10-week spring season will be from February to April. It will also receive its own fantasy app and mobile app, allowing users to stream games live. The Alliance teams consists of a 52-player roster with eight teams divided evenly into an Eastern and Western conference. Games will be shorter, each within a 10-game season. The championship game is set to be held at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.

Now for the Commanders. The AAF announced the Alliance San Antonio charter team on June 21, 2018. The team’s head coach is the former coach of the San Diego Chargers, Mike Riley, and the general manager is the former Dallas Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnson. Whether you like it or not, the motivation behind the team name is to reference our city’s military history and all the veterans and active duty personnel living in SA. The military sword and Alamo as the Commander’s logo conjure images of the struggles of the Texas Revolution, particularly at the famous Battle of the Alamo. According to the AAF, maroon was chosen as a team color because it is “common to San Antonio and used in the official logo of the city.” The silver is “in reference to dress military swords carried by officers,” and red, of course, corresponds to the Texas state flag. The final 52-man roster was decided on January 30th. Encompassing players from all over the state, the team hosts three players with local ties: kicker Joseph Zema (Incarnate Word), running back Aaron Green (Madison High School and TCU), and wide receiver John Stewart (UTSA). The team roster is made up of 26 offensive players, 23 defensives, and the three specialists.

The Commanders’ training camp ended January 30th 2019, in which they had gone through 21 workout sessions only at our own Bob Benson 66’ Stadium, which will now become the primary practice site for the team! The Commanders’ first game of the season will be hosted by San Antonio at the Alamodome, where the Commanders will play their first opponent, the San Diego Fleet, on January 9th, 2019.

If you can’t make their first game at the Alamodome, you can watch the Commanders live on CBS January9th, beginning at 7 pm CT or on other local stations. Go Commanders!