On Friday, April 20, are you ready to CentralPalooza??


Paul Witt, Staff Writer

Yes, believe it or not, it is that time of year again. This is what we have all been waiting for. Friday, April 20, after school at four o’clock at the Pavilion by the band hall, Central Catholic and area musicians and singers will gather together to impress their peers by showing off their impressive musical talents at the third annual Centralpalooza music festival.

Central has hosted this event for the past few years with great success and critical acclaim from the students and other spectators due to the festival’s uniqueness, creativeness, and special identity to Central. This year’s Centralpalooza is expected to be bigger than ever, with many new solo artists and bands that will be performing up until the evening, all for the fun and the entertainment of the crowd. Along with this, there will be an array of food trucks with tasty treats, as well as art pieces for the people there to peruse and enjoy. This free event will feature not only teachers and students of Central, but also a few students from other high schools across San Antonio. From country to rock, from jazz to rap, and from grunge to indie, just about every musical genre will be heard for hours on end so that everyone’s favorite style will be offered up on the evening’s playlist. A lot is expected from this year’s Centralpalooza, but the musicians and singers are up to the challenge to make sure the fans attending and listening will have an exciting, enjoyable, and memorable experience at the event.

Many new bands and artists plan to make their debut at this year’s Centralpalooza, along with many experienced and skillful returners from previous years’ music festivals. Bands and artists that will be playing include religion teacher Mr. Hoenigman, who will open the event and kick it off with a bang. Following this will be freshman band Sahara’s Door, and Government and Economics teacher Mr. Alex Rivard, who plans to play his guitar and sing a plethora of interesting and unique underground songs. After this, sophomore Nathan Hernandez will play solo on his guitar and play a series of his favorite alternative and indie songs. Next, brother and sister duo Gregory and Avelina Petri under the band name P Squared will jam out while performing on the piano and acoustic guitar. Soon after, senior band Silver Lync, lead by singer John Paul Joseph, drummer Eddie Castro, and bass player Trent Jones will rock to various alternative, indie, and grunge songs. Immediately following, duo band James & Kristina, and senior band Aztec Eagles will take the stage, lead by Central senior Conrad Forkheim, and Reagan high school students Carlos Bravo, Alexis Ortega, and Autumn Guzman. Last and certainly not least, the band The Uncreatives will headline the night by capping off with their own personal songs and present to the students their special and new style of sound.

Overall, Centralpalooza 2018 looks as though it will be one to remember. With live music, tasty food, and beautiful art pieces, there will be many things to do and enjoy while attending. Filled with a number of talented and skilled teachers and students, music at its purest form will entertain and excite the crowd all afternoon and evening long. Many will come to enjoy the atmosphere, the food, and the music, but leave with inspiration to perhaps perform at next year’s Centralplooza, or leave with a simple sense of satisfaction that can only be experienced at the unique music festival that is Centralpalooza.