Central Catholic’s Comics and Games Club


Luis Pagán-González, Staff Writer

Central Catholic High School is obviously a school that takes sports and clubs very seriously. But maybe sports aren’t for you. Maybe even Band or ROTC aren’t for you. If so, then the Comics and games club may be the perfect fit for you. Located in the Biology room on the 2nd floor, and hostedby Mr. Bendele (aka Mr. B), the games club is full of bunch of awesome, nerdy gamers that get together to have fun and play video games. In Room 252, there’s only a Sega Genesis, which is an old console from the 90’s that had games such as the original Sonic the Hedgehog. However, this room is also where you can go if you want to watch  movies, anime, TV shows, etc. In Room 251, however, is where the gamers dwell. So far, the most popular games played have been Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS and Mario Kart Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Here, members of the Gaming Club can bring in their own video game consoles and play games with their classmates. So if you have any games you’d like to play with anyone, bring them here! But maybe you don’t have any videogames of your own, or maybe there aren’t any spare controllers left. Well don’t worry, because a group of Central nerds have begun playing the well known role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons! If you have any experiences with RPG’s or you just want to know what DnD is about, then come to the comics and games club meetings to watch or even join the fun! The main purpose for this club is for all of you introverts that love videogames to group together and become legends in the realm of virtual games.