The JV Jam

Paul Witt and Mitchell Markey

A group of basketball players walk off the court, drenched in sweat and still trying to catch their breath after a hard fought battle. They quietly head to the concession stand and attempt to quench their thirst. Afterwards, they join in with Section R and act as though they are just another fan. That is when the big game for Varsity begins and the JV teams victory has been left completely unnoticed.

  The JV Central Catholic basketball team is a team that rarely gets recognition, yet their success represents a bright future for the basketball program. Every member on the JV team has the unteachable qualities of leadership, heart, and determination, and is a force that should not be reckoned with.  Their hard work, chemistry, and sheer talent point to more victories as the season progresses.

This sophomore heavy team is doing nothing except gaining experience for their future on the varsity team. Being able to practice with varsity and other juniors on the JV team, they are devolving their game immensely and learning more and more everyday.  “We have a great bunch of guys!” Said Mateo Resendez, a junior.

One of the main benefits of being on the JV team is that by practicing with the Varsity on a daily basis,  the team enhances their skill level and playing ability. ” It has helped me a lot because the Varsity  plays at a very high speed and are aggressive which prepares me for our games. “  Said Vincent Cantu a sophomore.  He also adds ” learning from them makes me a better all around player. ”

In order to be a good Basketball team, the players must be able to communicate, understand each others strengths and weaknesses, and be able to leave it all out on the court for the team.  The JV team continues to build upon itself for a successful season. ” We have a lot of potential. We all just need to use the combined strength of our talent as well as the foundation laid by the coaches to get us,” said Mark Barsenas, a junior.

The stands at a JV basketball game are usually filled with parents and family members with some support from students but it is not in the same realm as section R. This being said, the little fan base doesn’t seem to bother the boys at all. “We all have a desire to win, so that motivates us,” sophomore Vinny Cantu said “Plus many of the guys want to make a name for themselves for next year. So that is our main focus, we don’t really need all the recognition.” Junior Mateo Resendez also commented  “We have our loyal fans that always support us. Shout out to all of them who do.”

The recorded stands currently at 3-2 and the boys plan on keeping this winning streak alive.  The boys have a challenging schedule this year, facing off against large public schools with fantastic basketball programs, but the boys aren’t the least intimidated.  They are well aware that this is only the beginning of their journey, however they are all ready to take on the challenge and persevere throughout the year. Good luck JV Buttons!

Roster :

Mark Barsenas (Junior)

Nicolas Burch (Sophomore) 

Vincent Cantu (Sophomore)

Eddie Castro  (Junior)

Alex Gomez (Sophomore)

Joseph Gonzalez (Sophomore)

J.R. Herring (Sophomore)

Doug Karam (Sophomore)

David LaFrance  (Junior)

Jacob Neira (Sophomore)

Mateo Resendez (Junior)

Clay Thompson ( Sophomore)

Luke Youngs (Sophomore)