Still Credit: The Batman, DC Films, 6th & Idaho, and Dylan Clark Productions, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment Inc/Warner Bros. Pictures, 2022

Hector Nerio IV, Contributor

Ok if you haven’t seen The Batman and don’t want anything to be spoiled I recommend you stop reading this now, And even if you are one that doesn’t really care about spoilers I still recommend to not read this until you have seen The Batman because it IS that AMAZING!


In his second year in Gotham as a Vigilante, Batman hunts down a serial killer who leaves behind cryptic clues, this causes him to form relationships and dwell deep into his past while facing conflicts in the present.


There is so much I could talk about I this movie that is amazing! What I thought was great was the grade A performances by Robert Pattison, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano etc.  Pattison’s acting was as if I was watching Batman, not a actor playing Batman but Batman himself. I really liked the chemistry between Batman and Selena Kyle/Catwoman, it felt as if they were constantly flirting while being ‘badass’ at the same time. I also love how the director Matt Reeves, had Batman and Catwoman fight together on more than one occasion as it is what I like about Batman and Catwoman’s relationship in all forms of media, I like when they work together. Riddler was a amazing and terrifying villain due to the incredible performance by Paul Dano, He really got the Riddler just right as he was being portrayed as calm but not composed.


There were a lot of amazing scenes in the movie that I loved but there are a few I enjoyed a lot more. Like the car chasing scene with Batman and Penguin since we got to see the Batmobile in action. I like the significance of Penguin thinking he killed Batman, since it is hilarious to see Penguin’s reaction from being cocky to being terrified when Batman comes out of the fire. This also is a moment where criminals wonder if Batman is human or something supernatural, because we the audience know Batman is human but seeing Penguin being scared when the Batmobile jumps from the explosion makes him believe that Batman is a demon coming for him so he could pay for his sins.

Another scene that is my favorite is the “Hush” scene. I liked how the director tapped into the lore of Bruce’s family history, Reeves did not have to do that but it just made the movie one-hundred times better. Especially dropping Easter-eggs with the journalists surname “Elliot” and the big “HUSH” written on the photos gave me goosebumps. Since in the story Batman: Hush the antagonist is called “Hush” and his surname being “Elliot”.   And when watching this I got Batman: Telltale series vibes from this scene, as similar to Batman: Telltale series  which expands much more on the Wayne’s death than in The Batman, and I love how they expand it as it seems like a nice breath of fresh air when it come it Batman’s origins.

Then there is scene where Riddler is in jail talking to the Joker. I really loved this scene because it was so interesting as it raises the tension in the possibilities that would happen with both villains I future installments.



There isn’t anything I didn’t like about this film as it surpassed my expectations and I can’t wait for the sequel.


I would give this a rating of 5/5 Frogs.