Cole Venard talks about driving in Alamodome over the weekend

Esteban Serrano, Lead Editor

Another Monster Jam has come and gone this past weekend as 12 drivers put the petal to the metal in what was a festive weekend of high-flying action inside the Alamodome.

In previous articles, we brought you promoter Blithe Wiley’s perspective prior to the event, and Grave Digger driver, Adam Anderson’s thoughts about performing before the event. Now, a post-interview, this time with Cole Venard- the driver of the Black Pearl Monster Jam truck, who shares his thoughts about the past weekend, as he reached back out to me via Instagram.

Venard shares a little bit about himself and his unique background, saying, “I am a South Dakota native, currently live in North Carolina. I have a prosthetic leg which makes me the pirate and the Black Pearl is my ship, that’s where the name comes from.”

Even with his disability, Venard keeps pushing. In fact, he was the racing winner in Saturday night’s contest but explains that it’s early in the season. He is only getting his truck’s tires dirty to start out. “Coming into the weekend we have a new motor and a different shock set up so it’s going to be a little tweaking needed to get things dialed exactly the way we want.”

He continues, “Night one we were consistent in racing, trying to stay smooth and very tight in the corners, leading to the racing championship.”

He concludes, “The weekend was like testing the waters and seeing how the truck is working, and track set up for the season is going to flow.”

Venard is competing in the Red Stadium Series that Monster Jam is touring this season. With the season points each driver and truck gain, their bid for the Monster Jam World Finals in Orlando will be more likely. You can keep up with all the Monster Jam action over the season on NBC Sports- the official broadcast network of Monster Jam.

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