Grave Digger Driver Adam Anderson talks about the weekend ahead

Esteban Serrano and Fabian Cardenas

Monster Jam, the traveling monster truck promotion, is back in the Alamodome this weekend. This annual winter pit stop to the Alamo City is a part of their “red” stadium series, and it is Monster Jam’s 40th Anniversary of doing shows around the world.

One of the drivers, probably the favorite in the lineup of 12 trucks is Adam Anderson. The five-time World Finals Champion driver will be behind the wheel of the popular Grave Digger truck, and if the last name sounds familiar, it is because he is the son of longtime legendary driver Dennis Anderson, who first drove the original Grave Digger truck 40 years ago.

Senior and Monster Jam fan Fabian Cardenas, reached out to him via Instagram, and he shared some insight to The Pep into this weekend and his profession as a whole.

“It’s an adrenaline rush like no other,” Anderson says. “It’s basically a rollercoaster you attempt to control and sometimes you’re just along for the ride!”

A typical Monster Jam truck weighs roughly 12,000 pounds, and the tires are just around 6 feet in height. As one can imagine, the truck is equipped heavily with dozens of mechanisms to allow the truck to perform at it’s best. Anderson goes in-depth about how it is to sit in the driver’s seat of a horsepower-induced, four-legged beast. “To be able to control and do all the crazy stunts for the front, all steering is run off a full hydrologic steering, controlled by a steering wheel. The rear tires also steer which is controlled by an electric motor using a small switch using your thumb to steer separately from the front. The accelerator and brake are your standard petals. It has a two-speed automatic transmission. We have all the safety equipment you would ever need to perform at the level we do now.”

Anderson is no stranger to tricks. In fact, he shared a little bit of what it’s like doing the two of the most popular, if not the most popular tricks there are for a truck to do- the cyclone donut, in which he says makes one extremely dizzy, and the back flip. “Backflips are difficult because the ramps are always slightly different. So your timing to accelerate or brake is always slightly different. It’s always a gamble.”

“As soon as you are finished doing a cyclone donut you can not focus at all for a few seconds. While you’re doing it it’s okay because you can’t see anyway,” he said jokingly.

As for the truck, Grave Digger’s 40th Anniversary is here and that is not stopping Anderson from getting his name in the win column, here in San Antonio. “Racing if I feel smooth and calm I know I’ll be hard to take out. Freestyle by far- it’s what all the fans come to see. It’s even exciting to watch still after all these years… Every competition I’m gonna have to push it to the limits and risk man and machine to try and take the win.”

Adam will be only 1 of 12 drivers in the competition this weekend. Among his peers are 12-Time Monster Jam World Finals Champion Tom Meents driving Maximum Destruction, who will definitely be another crowd favorite to watch. Tickets are available online at Ticketmaster and Pit Party passes are available for an additional $20.00.

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