Button Baseball star Medina signs with St. Mary’s


Photo courtesy: Lauren Martinez

Esteban Serrano, Lead Editor

Two Button baseball players have made huge in-town signings with local universities back in December, one being Second Basemen Cinco Medina. He was alongside his longtime friend Tony DeJesus, unavailable for interview at the time, who has signed with the University of the Incarnate Word. Medina signed to play with St. Mary’s University, which would be only his second offer behind St. Edward’s University in Austin.

“It was pretty cool,” Medina starts. “I had been committed for about a month or so… three weeks, but it was cool to make it official, I got a little emotional because Mr. Ybarra told me to talk… and when I had to address everyone, I got a little emotional.”

While Medina emphasizes his emotions that afternoon, on top of him lifting the pen to sign the paper, he really enjoyed being able to share the moment with his family and the community. He also says, that being able to sign alongside Tony, was definitely something special. “Coming into freshman year, we met, playing, so it was a cool moment.”

Looking ahead to his long four-year undergraduate journey, Medina says he is really looking forward to playing at a collegiate level. “I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to play at the next level,” he says. “I know some guys that are already up there at St. Mary’s that graduated from here two years ago and then last year. I’ll see some familiar faces over there, so I am excited.”

Nonetheless, Medina is locked in on finishing his senior year on the Central team and is excited for it as well. “I’m not going to St. Mary’s right now, I still have our season to play. I said that when I talked, and we all have the same goal which is state and we’re all striving to get there.”

With the baseball season around the corner, Medina will live out his last season here at Central before taking the step to his promised collegiate-level position as a Rattler next season. The Pep extends a congratulations to Medina and the best of luck in his college baseball career!

Photo courtesy: Lauren Martinez


Photo courtesy: Lauren Martinez