Homerooms begin battle in dodge ball contest

Esteban Serrano, Lead Editor

A somewhat ‘normal’ milestone as of now, has reached the entire community of Central Catholic since the pandemic first affected classes last March. The week of February 8 began the ‘phase 3’ plan, which consists of the 80:20 ratio of the population of students being on campus at once. And all the missed Central Catholic action, is just beginning to get started again. One of the events to get things off and rolling is a dodge ball tournament between home rooms.

With all the students returning to campus, Ali Goljahmofrad, Dean of Students, says that he and his staff wanted to do something to “increase student engagement.”

Goljahmofrad says they began assessing and organizing a dodge ball tournament last year, and he says, “I thought it would be fun to create some competition. I think competition is very healthy… So I was like, let’s create a bracket to where we see teacher names competing against each other, and let’s have the students be the dodge ball participants.”

While it is not a direct event planned as a result of phase 3 being in affect, Golijahmofrad says, “It was contingent on students coming back to campus.”

He continues, “We’ve had this set up for a few months,” he says. “Like, before Christmas even. But we were just waiting for phase 3 to start an actual tournament, rather than with the hybrid schedule.”

When asked about future events taking place as such, he said, “It was fun. The guys got into it, we had music in the Convocation Center, Coach Rev was doing the color commentary, and the boys just got into it. Everybody stayed masked up, and some teachers even brought their whole classes down just to watch, and I would say it was a success, and I would say yes, we will continue this in the future.”

Goljahmofrad also made a special request to shout out Coach Rev on what he calls, “superb,” and “on the point,” color commentary from Coach Rev.

The tournament is currently taking place on Tuesdays with about three games scheduled in one day. It is taking place is the Kahlig-Cowie Convocation Center during homeroom/advisory periods.

Mr. Cassler
Mr. Cassler
Mr. Cassler