Central supports students and Class of 2020

Mr. Cassler, Adviser

Throughout the month of May, and in spite of a pandemic, the Central Catholic administration, faculty, and staff have been putting in a ton of hours of their time and energy to show their commitment and support of the graduating class of 2020.

From the production of portraits and yard signs to a drive though parade for through the quad and campus for seniors and their families, the Central community has come together to provide an historic measure of support, care, and celebration to show this senior class that this important milestone in their academic careers will not be taken from them.

It really began with admin, faculty, and staffers cleaning out lockers and packaging up student belongings so that students and parents could come to school and pick up their things at the start of the pandemic protocols. Then, signs of each senior in their cap & gowns were produced, and faculty showed up at school to put the signs together and place them in the school yard. The Mother-Son celebration was beautiful and amazingly well organized and executed. The care package deliveries were a huge effort. Yard signs were produced for each senior. New t-shirts representing the class of 2020 were printed for them. Staffers and coaches gathered at school early the morning of the deliveries to get the packages together for each student prior to faculty showing up to get their packages for their deliveries. JROTC and Athletics both had impressive awards presentations done on zoom for many of our students, but of course, many seniors were included in these virtual awards ceremonies. And most recently, the Senior Parade Night held Friday evening was a particularly moving and impressive event. Every carload of families and students that came through were all met with an enthusiastic and encouraging group of coaches, faculty, and staff in what will be a very memorable and historic event.

Below are several links to Google Photos albums in which hundreds of images from these events have been uploaded and shared with the Central Catholic community. We can look at these images now, and perhaps even more importantly, in the future, to realize the levels our community will rise to in support of our students.

Q4 & COVID Startup Images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MAfzFvCvBjgfL9Nn7

Staff Sets up Senior Signs: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DdTTs2XVvKDN6VRG6
Senior Care Package Deliveries: https://photos.app.goo.gl/udxCuPvGSoCcGnmN7
Zoom Sports Awards (only a few): https://photos.app.goo.gl/rc6PWKywMzjvmNqB9
We should all be very proud of what our administration, faculty, staff, and community have shown during this historic and unprecedented time we find ourselves in.