First pep rally of the year rocks the historic gym

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First pep rally of the year rocks the historic gym



Demitri Garcia and Matthew De Los Santos, Staff Writers

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     The historic gym while being just recently outdated by the new Convocation Center is still home to all the excitement Central is known for. This includes this year’s first pep rally for the school year and the game against San Antonio Christian.

     A new pep rally always brings anticipation such as “who are the new actors?” and “what jokes will be in the script?” However many of the upper class men were sentimental about the tradition of the pep rally. Being able to see the football team, band, and cheerleaders up close in the seats is certainly a privilege to be held. “I felt close to action but also close to my brothers,” said Jacob Schneider during the pep rally.

     The pep rally also served as a great introduction for the freshman and the other fall sports. The fall sports stood including, tennis, cross country, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and basketball. The freshman were next reciting the new freshman creed before the pep rally as a symbol of their dedication to tradition in the midst of a new life experience.  

     The pep rally itself was a welcome change from linear gags and story lines. New ideas and creative delivery was taken by the Student council. David Trevino has gone on record on the modus operandi by implying a spontaneous sense of creativity among his fellow members. The skit was well thought out, well rehearsed, and well accepted. However the fun did not stop there. Interactive elements were attached to the famous “top tens” of central pep rallies.

     Whether it was verbal humor, a visual gag, or even a tug of war, the audience was always on the edge of their seat. My fellow classmate Matthew De Los Santos said “there was a noticeable improvement from last year.”

      However, in order to engage the football players  Student Council brought in Mr. Bronder to speak of an inspirational message anecdote. This was a story about looking beyond the skin deep prejudice, no seek opportunities and not excuses. This was congruent to the theme of this year’s football team “All in.”

     The students of Central believe in the Student Council and the football team; the brotherhood grows every day.

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