Week 2 Fantasy Football Recap

Benjamin Garza, Contributor

The second week of fantasy football has ended and there were some big scores and some even bigger surprises, though not all of the surprises were positive. I will be discussing some of the bigger storylines that took place in Week 2.

There were some high scorers this week so I will walk through the highest scorers in each position for the week.

QB1 Lamar Jackson 42.62 – This week Lamar Jackson takes the spot as QB1 for Week 2 with 42.62 points in ESPN PPR. Jackson threw 21/29 for  319 yards and 3 touchdowns and ran for 119 yards and another touchdown in the Baltimore Ravens’ Week 2 loss against the Miami Dolphins. Although things looked mostly positive for Jackson, he committed one fumble which was recovered by Baltimore. Things are looking up for the 2019 MVP as he will most likely improve his production as the season progresses.

RB1 Nick Chubb 32.3 – One of the biggest surprises of this week is Nick Chubb’s 32-point production in the Cleveland Browns’ Week 2 loss against the New York Jets. Chubb had 17 rushing attempts and picked up 87 yards but in the passing game, he caught all 3 of his targets for 26 yards. At the end of the game, he had three touchdowns which should excite Chubb owners because this may mean that the Browns have decided on giving Chubb the RB1 spot sending Kareem Hunt to the RB2 spot on the roster.

WR1 Stefon Diggs 44.8 – To no one’s surprise, Stefon Diggs had an insane game in the Buffalo Bills’ astounding win against the Tennessee Titans. Holding the WR1 position on the roster and for the week, Diggs caught 12 of his 14 targets for 148 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Bills have a top 5 talent at the QB in Josh Allen and paired with Stefon Diggs the Bills are most certainly a Super Bowl contender. Diggs should be very consistent for the rest of the season simply because of his talent and his talented QB.

TE1 Mark Andrews 25.7 – Another Baltimore Raven takes the top position spot for Week 2. As the primary receiving target for QB Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews brought in 9 of his 11 targets for 104 yards and a touchdown. As the Ravens’ most trusted target, Mark Andrews is looking to keep his top spot for the rest of the season.

These 4 players take home the 1st place spot for their respective positions for Week 2 of the NFL season and should be the targets for trades that take place in your fantasy football league.  Let me know what you think in the comments.